2019 Women in Star Wars Index

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Day 366 – Suzie McGrath (actress)

Suzie McGrath is the voice of Tam Ryvora in Star Wars Resistance. Learn more about Suzie McGrath here.

Day 367 – Aunt Z AKA Z’Vk’Thkrkza (canon)

Aunt Z AKA Z’Vk’Thkrkza runs a tavern on the refueling station called the Colossus in the TV series Star Wars Resistance. Learn more about Aunt Z here.

Day 368 – Carolyn Hennesy (actress)

Carolyn Hennesy voices Leia Organa in Star Wars Resistance and LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars. Learn more about Carolyn Hennesy here.

Day 369 – Synara San (canon)

Synara San is a member of Kragan Gorr’s pirate gang in Star Wars Resistance. Learn more about Synara San here.

Day 370- Jacqui Lopez (Vice President, Animation)

Jacqui Lopez is the Vice President of Production, Animation at Lucasfilm. Learn more about Jacqui Lopez here.

Day 371 – Th’er (canon)

Th’er was the priestess of wood on the planet Bri’n. She appeared in the comic Star Wars: Age of Republic – Qui-Gon Jinn #1. Learn more about Th’er here.

Day 372 – Keira Knightley (actress)

Keira Knightley played Sabé one of Padmé Amidala’s handmaidens, in The Phantom Menace. Learn more about Keira Knightley here.

Day 373 – Sofia Coppola (actress)

Writer, director, producer Sofia Coppola played Saché, one of Queen Amidala’s handmaidens, in The Phantom Menace. Learn more about Sofia Coppola here.

Day 374 – Karté (canon)

Karté was one of Padmé Amidala’s handmaidens. She was impersonated in the Forces of Destiny short “The Imposter Inside.” Learn more about Karté here.

Day 375 – Emma Grange (editor) 365 INTERVIEW

Emma Grange is a Senior Editor for DK Licensing. Learn more about Emma Grange here.

Day 376 – Agent Tierny (canon)

Agent Tierny is a member of the First Order Security Bureau in the TV series Star Wars Resistance. Learn more about Agent Tierny here.

Day 377 – Sosha Soruna (canon)

Sosha Soruna was the Queen of Naboo in the comic series Shattered Empire. Learn more about Sosha Soruna here.

Day 378 – Mollie Damon (YouTuber) 365 INTERVIEW

Mollie Damon is the manager of the YouTube channel Star Wars Explained. Learn more about Mollie Damon here.

Day 379 – Jennifer Murray (pre-production producer) 365 INTERVIEW

Jennifer Murray is a Senior Pre-Production Producer at DK. Learn more about Jennifer Murray here.

Day 380 – Sadie Smith (editor) 365 INTERVIEW

Sadie Smith is the Managing Editor at DK Licensing for movies and comics. Learn more about Sadie Smith here.

Day 381 – Jean Bolte (visual effects supervisor)

Jean Bolte was the viewpaint supervisor at ILM for The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. Learn more about Jean Bolte here.

Day 382 – Mary Slater (book producer) 365 INTERVIEW

Mary Slater is a Senior Producer at DK Books. Learn more about Mary Slater here.

Day 383 – Katy Kartwheel (creature performer) 365 INTERVIEW

Katy Karwheel was a droid and creature performer in The Force AwakensThe Last Jedi, and Solo: A Star Wars Story. Learn more about Katy Kartwheel here.

Day 384 – Shari Last (project editor) 365 INTERVIEW

Shari Last is a Project Editor at DK books. Learn more about Shari here.

Day 385 – @sleemo_ (news curator) 365 INTERVIEW

@sleemo)_ curates news and GIFs on Twitter and Tumblr. Learn more about @sleemo_ here.

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