Day 381 – Jean Bolte

Jean Bolte was the viewpaint supervisor at ILM for The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones.

Bolte started off working in the model department in films like Willow and Hook. She’s also worked as a digital artist or texture artist on films like Iron Man, Pacific Rim, and Avengers: Ultron.

Viewpaint is a 3D texturing tool that allows artists to paint directly onto CG models. Check out this article from VFX Blog to learn more about viewpaint.

Bolte talked about her early career, the impact The Abyss had on her desire to work in visual effects, and her thoughts about women working in the industry in this interview with Women in VFX.

Here’s a companion text interview with Bolte from the Women in Visual Effects website (well worth checking out).

Check out the entire list of women in 365 Days of Star Wars Women in the Women in Star Wars Index. It includes highlights from each post plus notes which posts include new 365 interviews with actresses, writers, artists, and more.

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