Day 390 – Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph is the voice of the droid ZOE3 in the new ILMxLAB series Vader Immortal.

Rudolph has been working as an actress and comedian for over two decades. She starred in Saturday Night Live from 2000-2016 and played Lillian in the blockbuster hit Bridesmaids (2011). Rudolph has also appeared in the TV series Kath & Kim (2008-2009), Up All Night (2011-2012), Maya & Marty (2016), Forever (2018), and The Good Place (2018-2019).

Some of her voice acting roles include Rapunzel in Shrek the Third (2006), Burn in Turbo (2013), Lady Malocchio in The Awesomes (2014-2015), and Cass in Big Hero 6 (2014).

Maya Rudolph has been nominated twice for an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series. Once for The Good Place in 2018 and once for Saturday Night Live in 2012.

You can hear a bit of Rudolph as ZOE3 in the Vader Immortal trailer below.

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