Day 474 – Dava Cassamam

Dava Cassamam

Dava Cassamam was a deep cloud-miner who enjoyed a good game of sabacc in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

In addition to Solo Dava appeared in the books Solo: A Star Wars Story: Han on the Run and Solo: A Star Wars Story: Meet the Crew. You can also spot Dava in issue #3 of the Solo comic adaptation and issue #5 of Lando – Double of Nothing.

Concept designer Lunt Davies said this about Dava in the book The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story:

I’ve always liked the idea of a creature having to wear their own life-support system, with a visibly different color gas or liquid within the glass bubble of their helmet. She started as a he, and I saw her as a powerful warlord or smuggler boss.

Solo Issue #3 Artist – Will Sliney
Lando – Double of Nothing Issue #5 – Artist Paolo Villanelli

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