Day 441 – Halle Burtoni

Halle Burtoni

Halle Burtoni was a Senator from Kamino who argued to increase the production of clone troopers in several episodes of The Clone Wars.

Burtoni’s desire for the continuation and escalation of the Clone Wars with a higher production of clone troopers was, not surprisingly, a self-serving one, as her homeworld of Kamino would financially benefit from this path.

Burtoni appeared in four Clone Wars episodes – “Duchess of Mandalore”, “Heroes on Both Sides”, “Pursuit of Peace”, and “Senate Murders.”

Burton’s pro-war stance put her at odds with several of her fellow senators including Padmé Amidala.

Bail Organa and Halle Burtoni in “Pursuit of Peace.”

Jameelah McMillan voiced Burtoni in The Clone Wars.

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