Day 4 – Aurra Sing

Aurra SingAurra Sing is a bounty hunter who first appeared in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo in The Phantom Menace. She played a much larger role in several episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars where her connection to a young Boba Fett is revealed. 

Aurra Sing also appeared in the last four of the five-issue comic series Darth Maul and the mobile games Star Wars: Galactic Defense and Star Wars: Force Arena.

Those truly impressed with Aurra (and bounty hunters in general) may want to check out the book Aurra Sing: Dawn of the Bounty Hunters, which comes with a pretty cool looking figure of Aurra Sing.

You can learn much more about Aurra on her Wookiepedia page.  

Check out the entire list of women in 365 Days of Star Wars Women in the Women in Star Wars Index. It includes highlights from each post plus notes which posts include new 365 interviews with actresses, writers, artists, and more.

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