Day 489 – Aiolin Astarte

Aiolin Astarte
Aolin in Darth Vader #5 – artist – Salvador Larroca, colorist – Edgar Delgado and on the cover of Darth Vader #19 artist – Mark Brooks

Aiolin Astarte was engineered by Doctor Cylo to be a replacement for Darth Vader in the 2015-2016 Darth Vader comic series.

Aiolin and her brother Morit were experiments of Doctor Cyclo who wanted to find a replacement apprentice for Darth Sideous.

According her Aiolin’s Wookieepedia page:

Cyclo upgraded Aolin and Morit with the best genetic enhancements and technolgy that made them stronger and capable of greater feats than common warriors. Cylo believed that this not only made up for their lack of Force sensitivity, but also eliminated any need for the Force.

Aolin (kneeling) in Darth Vader #5 writer – Kieron Gillen, artist – Salvador Larroca

Aolin appeared in ten issues of the Darth Vader comic series. Her first appearance was in issue 5 and her last appearance (as only a hologram) was in issue #20.

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