Day 404 – Jaime King

Aurra Sing (left) and Cassie Cryar (right) from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Jaime King was the voice of several characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars including Aurra Sing, Cassie Cryar, Lee-Chee Mukmuk, Luce, and a Force Priestess.

King voiced bounty hunter Aurra Sing in five episodes of The Clone Wars. Criminal Cassie Cryar and Kowakian monkey-lizard Lee-Chee Mukmuk appeared in the episode “Lightsaber Lost.” King voiced Luce and another unnamed Nightsister in “Massacre” and a Force Priestess in the episodes “Destiny” and “Sacrifice.”

Lee-Chee Mukmuk (left), Luce (center), and Force Priestesses (right) from The Clone Wars. images from Wookieepedia.

You can see all of Jaime King’s acting credits on her IMDB page.

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