Day 302 – Sy Snootles

Sy Snootles
Sy Snootles in Return of the Jedi (left) and The Clone Wars (right).

Sy Snootles was a spy, bounty hunter, and lead singer of the Max Rebo Band in Return of the Jedi.

Sy Snootles debuted in Return of the Jedi. In the Special Edition version of ROJ the puppet version of Snootles was replaced with CGI. Here’s the original (ahem, much better) version of Sy Snootles.

And here’s the updated version of Snootles.

Sy Snootles also appeared in two episodes of The Clone Wars – “Hunt for Ziro” and “Friends and Enemies.”

You can also find Sy Snootles in this screenshot from “The Blues Brothers” from Star Wars Adventures 13.

Art by Nick Brokenshire.

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