Day 12 – Steela Gerrera

Steela Gerrera

Steela Gerrera was a character from the Clone Wars era of Star Wars. She appeared in the Onderon arc episodes of the television show Star Wars: The Clones Wars. Steela was the leader of a rebel group that fought against Separatists that were occupying her homeworld of Onderon.

Actress Dawn-Lyen Gardner voiced Steela in four of the five episodes Steela appeared in (Steela appeared in a fifth episode via flashback). Steela also appeared via hologram in the “Ghosts of Geonosis” episode of Star Wars Rebels.

Steela shared a lot of screen time in Star Wars: The Clone Wars with Ahsoka Tano and she was also notably the sister of Saw Gerrera who debuted in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and also appeared in Star Wars Rebels and the feature film Rogue One.

Read about the importance of Steela as a character in this article from The Wookie Gunner, and learn more about her overall story on her page at Wookieepedia.

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