Day 91 – Kneesa

Kneesa from the Ewok cartoon series (left) and Forces of Destiny (right).

Kneesa, or if you’re feeling fancy Princess Kneesa a Jari Kintaka, was the Ewok princess of Bright Tree Village. She was also the daughter of Chief Chirpa. She appeared in several episodes of the animated TV series Star Wars: Ewoks (1985-1986), the Ewok comic series, and the Forces of Destiny episodes “Traps and Tribulations” and “Chopper and Friends.”

Kneesa appeared in Star Wars Droids 4: Lost in Time which was part one of a two-part crossover event that concluded in Ewoks 10: The Demons of Endor. There were also several Ewok children’s books that included Kneesa.

Kneesa also appeared in the Dark Horse Comic trade paperback Star Wars: Ewoks – Shadows of Endor that came out in 2013.

Here’s the trailer for the Ewok cartoon. She was voiced by Cree Summer in the first season of Ewoks and by Jeanne Reynolds in the second season.

Kneesa was voiced by Shelby Young in the Forces of Destiny short “Chopper and Friends” below as well as “Traps and Tribulations.”

And here’s a video from Star Wars Explained that goes over both Legends and now canon Kneesa content.

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