Day 411 – Asha

Asha from Star Wars: Ewoks (screenshot from Wookieepedia) and on the cover of The Red Ghost.

Asha was an Ewok warrior who has an epic story that crossed from Legends to canon Star Wars stories. Asha was Kneesaa‘s sister and Chief Chirpa’s daughter.

Asha’s story began with tragedy. As a young Ewok Asha disappeared after losing her mother Ra-Lee. Ra-Lee died after protecting her daughters Asha and Kneesaa from a hanadak attack.

Screenshot (from Wookieepedia) of Ra-Lee, Kneesaa, and Asha from the Star Wars: Ewoks episode “Asha”.

The Ewoks from Asha’s village believed her to be dead. But it was later discovered that Asha had been taken in by korrinas (wolf-like canine predators) and had taken the name Red Ghost. This story was told in the episode “Asha” and adapted in the children’s book The Red Ghost: An Ewok Adventure.

Asha takes on a dulok in “Asha”.

The episode “Asha” is below.

In the episode “Night of the Stranger” Asha is one of the Ewoks named an Ewok warrior in a ceremony honoring their completion of the Belts of Honor.

Asha is the Ewok on the far right on the stage.

Because of her history as a warrior, it’s not surprising that author Tom Angleberger decided to place her in the Battle of Endor in his 2015 (so canon) book Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side! She is referred to as one of Chief Chirpas best hunters and along with Teebo and Chief Chirpa argues that the Ewoks should help the Rebels in their fight against the Imperials.

The passage below starts off describing Asha as leading her fiercest warriors in a leap …

“Mircheeewawaaaaaaa!” she screams as she lands on the back of an Imperial officer, reaching her wicked hunting knife over his shoulder” …

You can now picture Asha as one of the Ewoks in this screenshot from Return of the Jedi the next time you watch it.

Asha is also described as one of the Ewoks celebrating at the end of the Battle of Endor in Beware the Power of the Dark Side! .

If there are more Ewok stories to be told in Star Wars I hope Asha is a part of them.

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