Day 540 – Vi Moradi

Vi Moradi was a spy for the Resistance who set up a base on Batuu. Vi Moradi debuted in the novel Phasma. She was also the main character in the novel Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire.

Vi is one of the main characters you can meet in Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland and Disney World at Black Spire Outpost.

Here’s a video of visitors to Batuu meeting up with Vi.

Vi can also be found in the ride Rise of the Resistance. And you can get this amazing Vi LEGO figure …

in the Resistance I-TS Transport set.

I asked Star Wars fans who had met Vi in Galaxy’s Edge for stories, photos, and videos. The first person I heard from was a resident of Black Spire Outpost!

@jill_woodie is a merchant at Black Spire Outpost who told me “sometimes, if an off-worlder seems like they would be sympathetic to the Resistance, I’ll trust them with delivering a message to Vi. The note is attached to a bit of gruffin yarn, so if they get stopped by stormtroopers, they can claim they’re transporting local textiles. Once Vi has the message, they can keep the yarn.”

Jill (if that is even her real name???) also shared this crocheted Vi.

@dlang1138 shared the following story:

“My favorite Vi Moradi encounter – my husband, daughter in-law and I were eating our Ronto Wraps at Batuu West and Vi comes and hangs out at our table to discuss how stupid the stormtroopers are!”

@kelly_knox shared this photo she took of Vi last summer.

@fangirlcantina shared this photo she took with Vi.

@theMandaTorian shared this video of Vi.

and @cozyreverie shared her Magpie mask inspired by Vi (Magpie is one of Vi’s code names).

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