Day 460 – Sumalee Montano

Sumalee Montano
Screenshot of Agent Tierney from (left) and ___ from Wookieepedia (right).

Sumalee Montano voiced characters in Star Wars Resistance, Jedi: Fallen Order, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

In Star Wars Resistance Montano voiced First Order’s Agent Tierny.

Here’s Agent Tierny and Tam Ryvora in the Resistance episode “No Escape, Part 1.”

In the video game Jedi: Fallen Order Montano voiced Mari Kosan. Kosan was a part of Saw Gerrera’s Partisans.

You can see Kosan in this Kashyyk clip from Fallen Order.

And in the game Star Wars: The Old Republic Montana voiced several characters including Shae Vizla.

Here’s a clip of SWTOR featuring Shae Vizla.

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