The Mandalorian – A Guide to Fan-Produced Recaps and After Shows

Next week the first live-action Star Wars television show, The Mandalorian, will be released on the new Disney streaming service Disney+.

Star Wars fans are naturally very excited.

The official Star Wars site ( is sure to have coverage about each episode and will hopefully provide a lot of behind the scenes information and interviews. Vanity Fair writers Anthony Breznican and Joanna Robinson will be talking about The Mandalorian on the podcast Still Watching (which covers a variety of shows).

Many other media websites will also surely provide extensive coverage surrounding The Mandalorian’s first season. This guide, however, is centered around fan-produced content (most of which isn’t making its creators any money). A flood of Star Wars podcasts, YouTube channels, and websites have already announced after shows, recaps, and planned deep dives of each episode of The Mandalorian. Here’s a list of them in no particular order.

Note: I’ll do my best to embed the first episode of all of these when they hit the internet!

Here’s a link to Still Watching’s look at Chapter 1 of The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian Watch

“The Mandalorian Watch recap episodes will be available the day after each episode. We will also be doing a voicemail hotline in between each episode (so, two episodes a week). Voicemail Hotline episodes will be a chance for listeners to share their thoughts and theories! The number is (205) 259-6675. We are available on all major podcasting platforms, and mainly Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, and Spotify”

The Resistance Broadcast

What the Force?

Blast Points Podcast

Geeky Bubble

Friends of the Force Podcast

Star Wars Explained

The Star Wars Refuge

@YodaBauer will be doing weekly reviews of episodes of The Mandalorian for Star Wars Refuge.

The ForceCast+

POC Culture

Look for weekly coverage of The Mandalorian on their website. Here’s the review of Chapter One.

Podcast Stardust


Skytalkers Podcast

Radio D’Qar

Tatooine Sons

Faster More Intense: A Star Wars Podcast

But Why Tho? A Geek Community

@CJWritesThings will be covering The Mandalorian for But Why Tho? Here’s the review of Chapter One.

Revenge of the Fans

Episodic reviews can be found on the site within a week of each episode’s release. Their review of Chapter 1 is here.

Star Wars 7 x 7 Podcast

Kessel Run Weekly

Coffee With Kenobi

The Story Geeks Talk Disney+

The Dorky Diva Show

Jakku Broadcast

Note: if you’d like to edit any information from this list or add your podcast/website please DM @365starwars (direct messages are open, comments made on Twitter get lost) or email me at amy (at) richau (dot) org.


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