Day 410 – Kaink

Kaink from Caravan of Courage (screenshot from Wookieepedia) and from Star Wars: Ewoks.

Kaink was an Ewok priestess who appeared the TV movie Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure, the TV series Star Wars: Ewoks, and the graphic novel Star Wars: Ewoks—Shadows of Endor.

Kaink debuted in Caravan of Courage and was played by actress Margarita Fernandez. She appeared in two episodes of the Ewok animated series, but “Wicket’s Wagon” is the only one where she speaks. It’s unclear who voiced Kaink in the Ewok series.

Here’s the best section from her Wookieepedia description: “Kaink carried a magical staff with a crystal on top. Kaink used her staff to emit a beam of mystical force when necessary, or at other times, to hypnotize animals.” In other words, if Kaink isn’t one of your favorite Ewoks perhaps you should reconsider.

You can spot Kaink a few times (look for the pointy hood) in the trailer for Caravan of Courage.

Kaink has a great scene near the beginning of “Wicket’s Wagon” which you can watch below.

Kaink also appeared in the 2013 graphic novel Shadows of Endor and the original boarding party video from the theme park ride Star Tours.

Kaink’s appearance in Star Tours led to a few Kaink toys that could be purchased in the parks including this plush toy and action figure that was a part of a Star Tours boarding party set. The Ewok in the set doesn’t really look like Kaink but was labeled with her name. There are a few pins with Kaink on them as well.

You can spot Kaink at about the 8-minute mark in the video below. She’s holding on to a Mickey plush.

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