Day 408 – Winda Warrick

Winda from Star Wars: Ewoks and on the cover of Wicket Goes Fishing.

Winda is Wicket W. Warrick’s younger sister.

Winda’s first Star Wars appearance was in the 1984 TV movie Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure. In the screenshot below baby Winda is being held by her mother Shodu Warrick (look for her post soon).

Screenshot from Wookieepedia.

Winda also appeared in the 1986 children’s book Wicket Goes Fishing: An Ewok Adventure. You can see how excited Wicket is to have his younger sister tag along below.

Like most of her fellow Ewoks, the easiest place to spot Winda is in episodes of Star Wars: Ewoks. Winda appeared in about half a dozen episodes.

I think Winda is the fourth Ewok from the left in this screenshot from the episode “Party Ewok” even though her fur looks more grey than brown.

And here’s the Ewok episode “Asha” where Winda also appears.

Winda has yet to appear in a canon Star Wars story.

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