Day 364 – Gloria Katz

Gloria Katz

Gloria Katz was a script doctor for A New Hope and was nominated for an Academy Award for American Graffiti. Katz sadly died earlier this year from lung cancer.

Katz and her screenwriting partner (and husband) Willard Huyck polished A New Hope‘s dialogue and added several bits of humor to the script. Katz was quoted in a Vanity Fair article talking about her work on the character Leia Organa in A New Hope.

“She can take command; she doesn’t take any shit, but at the same time she’s vulnerable . . . instead of just a beautiful woman that schlepped along to be saved.”

Katz wasn’t credited for her work on A New Hope but she was credited on several other screenplays including American Graffiti, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Radioland Murders, and Howard the Duck (which is a movie I love and I don’t care what you think about that). Katz also produced Howard the Duck and four other film and TV movies.

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