Day 335 – Tiplar

Note: This day was originally assigned to ND Stevenson who now uses male pronouns. I’m replacing the content of this post to acknowledge and respect their gender identity. Is this the best way to handle this? I’m honestly not sure!! (and I don’t have contact info for many people I profile on this site, including ND) But keeping the post as-is seemed like the worst option. Please check out ND Stevenson’s IMDB page to see all of his awesome achievements, including writing an episode of Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.

Tiplar was a Jedi Master who fought during the Clone Wars. Her twin sister was also a Jedi – Tiplee. Tip, a Clone Trooper with a malfunctioning chip, killed Tiplar during the Battle of Ringo Vinda.

Yoda later sees Tiplar in a vision in the Clone Wars episode “Destiny.”

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