Day 213 – Gooti Terez

Gooti Terez
Gooti Terex in “A Youth Uprising” (left, scan from @onceuponagalaxy) and Star Wars Rebels (right.)

Gooti Terez was a member of Iron Squadron in the Star Wars Rebels episode “Iron Squadron.” Gooti was named after Day 123 focus Andi Gutierrez who hosted the Rebels Recon show. Actress Meredith Anne Bull voiced Gooti Terez in Star Wars Rebels.

Gooti also appeared in the comic story “A Youth Uprising” which appeared in Star Wars Rebels Magazine. Here’s a scan of the page (thanks for the scan goes to @onceuponagalxy with help from @germanjedi as well) Gooti appears in below – and no I don’t think you can get this in English. The art is by Ingo Römling based on a script by Jeremy Barlow.

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