Day 179 – Katie Lucas

Katie Lucas

Katie Lucas wrote 14 episodes of The Clone Wars and appeared in all three prequel films in small roles.

Katie Lucas as Amee in The Phantom Menace, Lunae Minx in Attack of the Clones, and Chi Eekway in Revenge of the Sith.

The episodes from the Nightsister story arc are some of the episodes Lucas wrote for The Clone Wars. Katie Lucas also wrote the forward to Christie Golden’s novel Dark Disciple which was based on unproduced Clone Wars scripts written by Lucas. Here’s a clip from one of the episodes of The Clone Wars Lucas wrote called “Nightsisters.”

And here’s a photo of Katie Lucas at the Solo: A Star Wars Story premiere with the Dorky Diva Savanna Oudit. Giver her a follow @thedorkydiva.

Katie is the one in sunglasses.

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