Day 57 – Althea McGrath

Althea McGrath

Althea McGrath was an actress who played Jedi Master Jocasta Nu in Attack of the Clones and voiced the same character in the video game Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Born in 1920 McGrath got her first acting role when she was 64 years old in the 1984 TV series Prisoner: Cell Block H. She died in 2016 at the age of 95.

McGrath played three different roles in the TV Series Neighbours from 1985-1998 and also appeared in the 2000-2002 series Something in the Air. Her last role was in the 2009 film Knowing.

If you thought McGrath’s Jedi Librarian was a bit harsh in Clones (as a former film archivist I both love her and hate her) you might want to check out her role as Dot Farrar in Prisoner: Cheel Block H. I got this photo from a Prisoner Wiki and I couldn’t resist sharing her character entry.

An elderly, hypochondriac prisoner who had served years inside. She is transferred to H block after causing a brawl in the rec room at B block. Apparently, she got transferred from D block to B for being a pot-stirrer. And now it’s time for H block to get their fair share. Generally regarded as a nuisance by the other women. Mostly moaning about aches and pains. After being poisoned by fellow prisoner Angela Adams, she was transferred to the prison farm.

Wow. I tried to find a clip of her in this role but sadly couldn’t find one.

Here’s a clip from the 2006 film Irresistible with Susan Sarandonthat includes McGrath.

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