Day 601 – Maarva Andor

Maarva Andor

“Fight the Empire!”

Andor “Rix Road”

Maarva Andor was a salvager and later president of the Daughter of Ferrix – a local social club. On a salvaging mission with her husband Clem and droid B2EMO, Maarva brought home a Kenari orphan named Kassa, whose life she believed was in danger. Maarva helped change Kassa’s data records to a man named Cassian Andor from the planet Fest.

Maarva was a community leader on Ferrix and was held in high regard in her community. A loving mother to Cassian, Maarva refused to leave Ferrix with him after the Imperial occupation. Her message, encouraging people to wake up and fight back against the Empire, played during her funeral on Rix Road helped start a revolt against the local Imperials.

Fiona Shaw played Maarva Andor in the first Season of Andor.

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