Day 560 – Julie Eccles

Julie Eccles voiced Jan Ors is Star Wars: Dark Forces and played Ru Marleen in Star Wars: Rebel Assault II.

In Dark Forces, Jan Ors was only portrayed using stills. Several other actresses would go on to portray Jan Ors in future video games and audio dramas.

While Eccles was the first but not the last actress to portray Jan Ors she was the second actress to play Ru Marleen. The character of Ru originated in the first Rebel Assault video game where she was voiced by an actress named … Ru Marleen.

Not a lot of consistency in casting for many of these video game characters!

Screenshot of Ru Marleen from Rebel Assault II – image from Wookieepedia.

If you don’t remember Rebel Assault II and would like a refresher the playthrough video below should be helpful.

Eccles doesn’t have a lot of acting credits but Indiana Jones fans will remember her as Indy’s overwhelmed secretary, Irene, from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

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