Day 554 – Mermeia

Mermeia was a holographic entertainer in The Star Wars Holiday Special. Her voice is for you and you alone.

People looking for fun of the virtual reality kind could access Mermeia via a holoprojector or mind evaporator. Reportedly Mermeia was the representation of a user’s desires.

The legendary actress and singer Diahann Carroll played Mermeia in The Star Wars Holiday Special.

I found this snipit from an interview:

You know, I think it’s the biggest secret in the world. I don’t know that … ever was, much less that I was ever a part of it. I think it was co-produced by a friend of mine, who called and asked if I would be a part of it and I had never done anything like that before. The fascination with Star Wars and what compiled Star Wars was sort of “in the air” and I was intrigued by it and, yes, I decided to be a part of it. As I recall, I was practically nude on … That’s my recollection.

You can learn a bit more about Mermeia on her Wookieepedia page.

Or, if you’re brave, you can watch the Mermeia part of the Holiday Special below. I’ll give this a NSFW warning though.

If you need to know the lyrics of “This Minute” I am here to help you as well.

“This Minute” by Ken and Mitzie Welch

If we could only bend this minute. 

Infinitely extend this minute. 

Then I could live my whole life right now. 

Reality is sweet this minute. 

Can’t we repeat and repeat this minute? 

Why can’t it always be right now? 

I’ve parted with yesterday. 

Yesterday’s moment is cold. 

All I ask is this moment to hold. 

How can we ever lose this minute? 

From all my life, I choose this minute. 

I will give up the old and the new. 

Sharing with you this minute now. 

If I could just hold my breath and close my eyes and not make a sound. 

Will the universe stop going ’round? 

Still, the universe keeps going ’round and ’round and on and on and on and on and on. 

A minute’s almost gone. 

How can we ever, ever lose this minute? 

From all my life, I choose this minute. 

I will never need anything more than living for this minute now. 

This minute now.

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