Day 486 – Elizabeth Grullon

Elizabeth Grullon

Elizabeth Grullon played Second Sister (Trilla Suduri) in the video game Jedi: Fallen Order. She answered a few questions via email for this interview.

***Spoiler warning*** this interview contains story details from the game Jedi: Fallen Order.

What was your introduction to Star Wars?

I had to have been my Dad showing me Empire Strikes Back when I was old enough to appreciate it. I remember thinking, “Whoa! Who thought of this?” That movie blew my mind. Still does.

Do you have a favorite character from any of the Star Wars films or TV series? If so have your favorites changed over time?

I always loved Leia of course because she showed me that a girl could be strong and smart and hold her own with the boys. Later in life, I started to really appreciate Yoda because he reminds me of a Zen master and I am a student of the dharma. 

What are some of your favorite roles and projects from your acting career so far?

The Second Sister has to be my favorite so far; I mean how often do you get to play a sadistic, vengeful, armed woman? I also treasure the character I play on the reboot of Party of Five, Sully. She’s a total badass while being one of the good guys. 

When you auditioned for the role of Trilla/Second Sister in Jedi: Fallen Order did you know it was for a Star Wars project?

I had no idea! 

When you got the part did you do any kind of Star Wars research to familiarize yourself with Second Sister, the Inquisitors, or any other part of Star Wars storytelling you may not have been familiar with?

Not really; I was pretty familiar with the saga and the iconic storytelling so my preparation was more focused on the psyche of this particular woman, Trilla – her wounds, her world view, etc.

Was playing Trilla your first experience with voice acting and motion capture?

I had done a fair amount of VO before but it was my first experience doing mo-cap and I LOVED it. Can’t wait to do more!

How was Trilla described to you? Did you see much concept art of her before you began your work on Fallen Order?

I think it was at the table read, which was months after I booked the role, that I got to see the first concept art. The character description the writers had created for her was so detailed! They had imagined everything from her physicality to her psyche to her fighting style, so I had really fertile creative soil to start building from.

A screenshot of Trilla from Jedi: Fallen Order.
How long did you work on Fallen Order and can you explain how the process worked a bit?

We worked on the game for about a year. We started with facial scans, then a table read and then moved in to fight training. We were very lucky to have ample rehearsal time which is such a luxury. We would have a rehearsal for whatever scenes we would be shooting the next day so everything was fresh and loose.

It was an absolute gift of an experience, truly. The mo-cap suit and head-mounted camera definitely took some getting used to! One thing I would do is wear a long black trench coat on rehearsal days to get the regal and dangerous feeling of the Inquisitor’s cape since on shoot days I was in a skin-tight suit so it was all muscle memory at that point.

Was there a favorite (or most challenging) section of the game for you production-wise?

My favorite stuff production-wise was probably the most challenging as well which was the fight sequences and stunts. I got to live out my childhood dream – learn lightsaber duels and throw people through the air with the Force and be thrown back by Cal’s powers. It was awesome, to say the least. Pinch me.

What other actors did you get to work with during the production of Fallen Order?

Most of my stuff was with Cameron (Cal Kestis) and Deb (Cere Junda). Exploring the deep relationship between Trilla and Cere was an actor’s dream. Deb Wilson is such a powerhouse and a pro and just so heartfelt. Also, all the stuff I got to do with Cameron Monaghan was so interesting because we had so many epic scenes and battles that by the end of the game, these two characters really start to know each other. They form an intimacy, a relationship, almost a bond in a twisted way. 

How would you describe Trilla/Second Sister to people unfamiliar with the story behind Fallen Order?

Trilla was a promising Jedi padawan who was betrayed by her master, who she trusted more than anyone in the world, Cere Junda. She was then captured and tortured by The Empire and joined the dark side where she became one of their most effective Jedi hunters.

Do you enjoy playing video games? Have you played Fallen Order?

My video game skills are stuck in 2000, ha! I haven’t kept up over the years and video game technology has evolved so rapidly that I’m a lost cause! I’ve played a little bit of JFO and am absolutely blown away by the gameplay and cinematics, storytelling and acting. I’m so proud to be part of this masterpiece in the world of gaming, and so proud of my friends at Respawn.

Have you had a chance to interact with many Star Wars fans who have played the game yet?

Yes! Thousands of people have found me on Instagram and sent messages and comments letting me know what they thought of the game. It’s been such a fun aftershock to interact with everyone. The fans have really connected with Trilla which is the greatest feeling.

Can you share any upcoming projects?

Right now I’m on a show called Party of Five on Freeform. A film I did called Road Head, a slasher-comedy, is making its festival rounds, and I’ve also directed my first film which is called Ash. Excited for what’s to come in 2020!

You can see a compilation of all of Second Sister’s scenes from Jedi: Fallen Order in the video below.

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