Day 478 – A’Yark


A’Yark was a Tusken Raider tribal leader in the novel Kenobi and the short story “Rites” from From a Certain Point of View. Both Kenobi and “Rites” were written by John Jackson Miller.

Kenobi came before the Disney purchase so is now considered a Legends story, but A’Yark became a canon character when she was featured in the A New Hope anthology From a Certain Point of View. And from a certain point of view you could argue A’Yark also appears in the film A New Hope.

A’Yark was a Tusken Raider warrior in the novel Kenobi who only had one eye. The settlers in Tattoine referred to her as Plug-Eye. Some of the strongest moments in the book involve A-Yark and Ben Kenobi.

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