Day 452 – ESB Infinities Leia

Cover credits: Pencils – Tony Harris, Inks – Tim Townsend, Colors – Bodhi Tree

Leia in Star Wars Infinities: The Empire Strikes Back went to Dagobah to become a Jedi.

The Infinities comic series took a look at what could have happened in the Star Wars universe if certain events had different outcomes. For The Empire Strikes Back 4-part Infinities series this “what if” scenario involved Luke dying in Hoth which led to Leia being the Skywalker that traveled to Dagobah to train to become a Jedi with Yoda.

Issue #4 РScript РDave Land, Pencils РDavid̩ Fabbri, Inks РChristian Dalla Vacchia, Colors РDan Jackson, Letters РSteve Dutro

Leia also faced her father, Darth Vader.

Issue #4

Spoiler alert! Leia does not join her father and turn to the Dark Side. She leaves Dagobah as a Jedi with Han Solo and Chewbacca by her side.

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