Day 414 – Ra-Lee

Ra-Lee from Star Wars: Ewoks (screenshot from Wookieepedia) and Tales From Vader’s Castle #4.

Ra-Lee was an Ewok warrior who married Chief Chirpa and died protecting her woklings. She appeared in the animated series Star Wars: Ewoks and the comic Tales from Vader’s Castle 4: Night of the Gorax.

Ra-Lee had two children with Chirpa, Kneesaa and Asha. Ra- Lee only appeared in one episode of Star Wars: Ewoks. In the episode “Asha” Ra-Lee appears in a flashback that shows how Ra-Lee lost her life to a hanadak that was threatening to harm Asha.

Ra-Lee, Kneesaa, and Asha from “Asha”.
The hanadak threatening Asha.

Here’s the entire 1985 Star Wars: Ewoks episode “Asha” – the flashback occurs about six minutes into this episode.

Star Wars fans had to wait a few decades to get new Asha content.

Here’s Ra-Lee and Chirpa (before he became chief) in a panel from the 2018 comic Star Wars Adventures: Tales From Vader’s Castle #4.

Written by Cavan Scott. Art by Derek Charm.

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