Tales from the Podcast Stage – Unmistakably Star Wars at Star Wars Celebration Chicago

Tales from the Podcast Stage continues with Unmistakably Star Wars (USW).

Tell me a bit about your Celebration experience. How many have you been to? Have you ever been on the podcast stage before (or applied but didn’t make it before)? Why did you apply to be on the podcast stage?

For the majority of our team (there are 9 of us!), it was the first time experiencing a Celebration. For Jeremy, Carl and Devin, it was their third.

USW has worked hard and grown in many ways since its inception in the Fall of 2015. Broadcasting from the Celebration Pod Stage has been a goal, and we were fortunate enough to be accepted for this year’s event.

How did you prepare for the podcast stage? Did you have a set structure for the conversation? Did you invite guests? Give out SWAG? Do giveaways?

We decided early on that we would simply stick to being us – not trying to do something that was contrary to who we are as a team and as a pod. Our biggest challenge was figuring out how to rotate all nine of our team onto the stage (we typically have 2 rotating teams on our normal pod) without it being a dumpster fire. Thankfully, our conversation and chemistry was fun, engaging, and felt quite natural.

We initially had the fantastic Delilah Dawson committed for our pod stage time, but had to go to Plan B when we learned our panel would be opposite the Del Rey panel. (Thankfully, Delilah is awesome and gracious, and allowed us to connect for a fun interview later during Celebration!).

We offered attendees a limited edition poster of the Battle of Hoth, courtesy of Disney artist Charlie Cody. Attendees also received SWCC/USW patches, stickers and more.

What were the highlights from your appearance on the podcast stage? Any big surprises (good or bad)?

We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the pod stage, and hope to have the opportunity again in Anaheim. The highlight, of course, was meeting so many of our friends/listeners in person, as well as meeting so many other folks who stumbled upon us for the first time.

Is there anything you wish you would have done differently?

Our pod stage experience was wonderful, and I can’t say that we’d look to make any wholesale changes should we be given another opportunity. To this, Mark Newbold of Fantha Tracks deserves a huge shoutout for being the liaison for ReedPOP and the various pod stage participants. He was simply amazing.

Will you be at Anaheim in 2020 and if so do you think you’ll apply to be on the podcast stage again?

Our team will definitely have a presence in Anaheim, and we will undoubtedly apply and keep our fingers crossed for another opportunity.

How can people find your podcast online?

Folks looking for a pod that actively promotes positivity in Star Wars fandom, can find us on Twitter @UnmistakablySW.

Here’s a link to the USW podcast episode from Star Wars Celebration!

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