Women Talking Star Wars – A Podcast Guide

@skywalker_eve and @burletonb from Unmistakably Star Wars.

If you’re looking for a Star Wars podcast that has at least one female host – look no further. Here’s a list of them. They are in alphabetical order and include descriptions from the podcasts social media accounts and/or websites.

The Balance: A Star Wars Podcast


#swrepmatters hosted by @nedi_nerfherder & Lincoln. She’s a college student, he’s a 9 year old. It’s a wild ride kids.

Blaster Canon


A podcast by @Blogfullofwords, @Wanderlustin & @Hermann22 dedicated to breaking down Star Wars canon from @denofgeekus

Book Wars Pod


Exploring Star Wars through its many media ? Hosted by @lu_sitania (KLS), @itskeeks (KMS), @chrissedor (CS), & @realbabybird (ME). Part of @ToscheStation!

Bright Tree Radio


A Star Wars podcast where we discuss the books, films, TV and everything to do with our favourite Galaxy Far Far Away! Hosted by Phil and Soph

Canto Bight Dispatch


A Star Wars podcast from @cantobritt and @eflind. We also talk about food a lot.

Children of the Force

A positive, progressive, family-friendly podcast about Star Wars by Al Nowatzki and his two kids, Anna (12) and Liam (10).

Coruscant Radio Underground


All things Sci Fi and Fantasy. Warning: lots of Star Wars talk ahead. http://thesciencefictionary.com & Coruscant Radio Underground: Star Wars Podcast.

Doing Talking: A Star Wars Podcast


A Star Wars podcast hosted by @Madison_Thames. Join her every Saturday as she breaks down the latest news and content! Member of http://theaudiogeekdom.com.

Dorky Diva


The Dorky Diva Show- a Star Wars discussion podcast hosted by @thedorkydiva and @JediBrian.

Fangirls Going Rogue


Teresa Delgado, Tricia Barr & Sarah Woloski give you the fangirl point of view on Star Wars in a monthly podcast. Social Media Manager is Sandra Choute.

The First Order Communique


A podcast where we geek out over Star Wars.

Followers of the Force


Star Wars podcast hosted by @dmt1196, @JasonBWilliams1 and @UpsieDazies.

Force Center Pod


Explore and celebrate Star Wars with @KenNapzok, @JosephScrimshaw & @jenniferlanda // #prequelist // #databankbrawl //

Force Toast Podcast


Force Toast: A Star Wars Happy Hour is a new podcast hosted by a couple of lushes who love wine and Star Wars. Hosts: @sLeiaAllDay & @ShutUp_Laura.

Full of Sith


A #StarWars related podcast w/ hosts @ThaMike @swankmotron and @surliestgirl.

The GALactic Podcast


Two gals talking about the galaxy far, far away. Listen because of Star Wars. Stay for the silliness | Co-host: Lauren (@loroknows) and Andrea (@R2_DTWOSTEP)

Geeky Bubble Podcast


Geeky Bubble is mother-daughter duo podcast hosted by @BlueJaigEyes and @Whovian214. Dedicated to the SW animated shows. Part of @WeAreEscapePods.

Girls With Sabers


Official Twitter of Emrys & Lúthien. Providing pop culture analysis with backgrounds in literature, art, music, & drama. Check out the YouTube channel!

Hearts of Kyber Podcast


A podcast hosted by Rae and Christy that explores characters, themes, and relationships in the Star Wars universe.

Holocron Speakers


A @Starwars Podcast hosted by @manny_castell & @sailor_Iuna talking in depth about SW characters, themes, & Canon books/comics.

Hyperspace Theories


Hyperspace Theories, a monthly podcast discussing Star Wars through the perspective of storytelling and speculation. @fangirlcantina @Geek_Kay and @RedPenofLex

The Imperial Senate Podcast


A podcast dedicated to Star Wars chat & hosted by @CMWAshby, @Naquicious, @kristenkbates & @cstribs

I Rebel – A Star Wars: Destiny Podcast


I Rebel is a unique, fun, and exciting podcast all about #SWDestiny. It is hosted by @JediGeekGirl & @MissSevans.

Jakku Broadcast


A #StarWars podcast with two fangirls from nowhere fangirling together! Our separate accounts: @mortisgods & @abandonedporg

Kamino Radio


Star Wars podcast featuring @skyloren0418 @jakethesith and @thechelle218. The birthplace of Star Wars news!

Kanata’s Castle


The Star Wars Podcast that’s rated “E” for Everyone! Hosts @urangelb & @Red5Mom


The Kanjikast is a monthly Star Wars podcast that you never made a deal with. Hosted by Bria, Brian, and Jay, the Kanjikast looks at the galaxy far, far away from an Asian perspective and focuses in particular on celebrating the ever growing number of Asian Star Wars characters.

Knights of Wren


Star Wars podcast hosted by @ally_m_andrews spreading love of the animated shows, films, & the franchise as a whole! ?❤️

Lattes with Leia


A Star Wars podcast from a certain point of view. Presented by @CoffeewthKenobi, hosted by @arkhamasylumdoc and @amy_geek.

Legends and Lore


Your one stop podcast for a discussion of Star Wars canon and Legends stories. With hosts @storyhobbit, @tveitlight25, @megzcull, @mapplebee7567, & @K8Applebee!

Long Time Ago Radio


Official twitter of Long Time Ago Radio, a positive podcast about Star Wars. Whether you’re in the class of 77 or Solo was your first film, you’re welcome here!

Lords of the Sith


Podcast/youtube channel about #starwars and pop culture.

Lousy Beautiful Town


Doing talking about all things Star Wars and putting our fists through things. Hosted by @spacejessss and @abbymcecilia.



This is a French YouTube channel all about Star Wars!



Who you callin scruffy looking? We are a husband and wife managed podcast dedicated to having the nerdiest Star Wars convos possible and sharing them with you! Tweets by Denise.

Never Tell Me the Pods


Never Tell Me the Pods is a Star Wars podcast that is designed to welcome old and new fans from all walks of life, hosted by Pranks, Kat, James and Johnny.

The Organa Digest Podcast


Weekly Star Wars podcast that brings you the latest news and cool topics in 30 minutes or less. Hosted by @LauraDuncombe1 and @NightsistrAshla.

The Outer Rim

Planet Leia

A podcast from the group at Fantha Tracks led by Clair Henry.

Rebel Dispatch


Rebel Dispatch is a podcast focused on SW Television (currently RESISTANCE focused) hosted by two queer women (@MandaTheGinger & @_Hollytweets).

Rebel Order Podcast


@cardiganvixen & @sonofescudero of the @Vundacast talk Star Wars on the road to Episode IX.

Rebels Podcast


A podcast dedicated to Star Wars animation, including Clone Wars, Rebels, Resistance, and more! Hosted by @arkwulf @thekrankster and @cassiescutch.

The Resistance Broadcast


Official podcast of @StarWarsNewsNet || @JohnnyHoey, @Mirahtrunks, & @LaceyGilleran talk @StarWars twice a week on iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify!

Rogue Fun: A Podcast Story


1 in Apple Podcasts under the Rogue One Category /// lovingly hosted by @thponders and @alicewhitethp who watch Rogue One every month and podcast about it.

Rogue Podron


Perhaps you’ve heard of Rogue Podron. Or perhaps not.

Sapphic Skywalkers


A podcast focused on female characters & LGBT rep in Star Wars ? Hosted by @lynnyneal and @EMfys_Nest. Part of @nsfwpodcasts network.

Scavenger’s Hoard


A Star Wars podcast hosted by Rachael and Kirsty, offering insight into the latest news, as well as analysis of stories and spoilers.

Sistas With Sabers


Sistas with Sabers is a Star Wars podcast dedicated to giving a voice to black women in fandom.

Siths & Giggles Podcast


Talking Star Wars with @DarthHockey, @krittterrr, and @teekhouse.

Six Degrees of Kylo Ren


Skyhoppers Podcast


A Star Wars podcast hosted by @Ferretliciously and @ersatzash. New episodes every Friday! Part of the @butwhythopc community!



Skytalkers is a @starwars podcast that hosts in-depth, 3-part discussions. Join @crerrity and @caitlinplesher every other Saturday!

Spark of Hope Podcast


?A Podcast highlighting amazing Star Wars fans who’ve overcome incredible obstacles. ??? Host @megzcull-breast cancer survivor

Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrel


Scoundrels! Join @DJKver2, @DarthTaxus, & @JoyceKrebs as they discuss news, offer analysis, and discuss all things #StarWars

Star Wars Action News


The best podcast about Star Wars; the ONLY podcast about Star Wars Collecting.

Star Wars Alliance


A a biweekly show covering news, reviews, and in depth research into Star Wars on the Geek Ultimate Alliance podcast network.

Star Wars Autograph News Podcast

Star Wars Bookworms


A podcast where we discuss and review the latest Star Wars literature releases. Hosted by @icecoldpenguin and @avgoins #StarWars

Star Wars Geek Girl


Star Wars Sleepover Podcast


OUT NOW! A laid-back exploration of the captivating, and sometimes ridiculous, galaxy far, far away. Hosts: @stellelontane and Loya.

Tarkin’s Top Shelf


A @StarWars Literary Podcast | Hosted by: @MarkESutter and @urangelb.

Trash Compactor Podcast


Tumbling Saber


Unmistakably Star Wars


Award-winning #StarWars podcast. Dedicated to promoting positivity in fandom.


Welcome to the Vongcast, the most heretical podcast out there! (Or at least according to the Yuuzhan Vong we asked…) Join your hosts Bria, Megan, and Rocky as they reread the New Jedi Order series from Star Wars Legends and re-experience some of the books that they all loved and found vastly influential as teenagers. The podcast looks at one book every month and is perfect for both new and returning readers as they don’t discuss spoilers from future books.

Wampa’s Lair


Join your hosts Karl, Jason, and Katie as they discuss all things Star Wars in the Wampa’s Lair!

What the Force?


A very meta Star Wars Podcast *** & home of the Fangirls Audio Drama! ***

Who Talks First


Our Podcast intro is officially no longer ABBA. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Women of the Whills


Star Wars from female perspectives • A podcast by @nedi_nerfherder ?@megmegpenpen ? & @benscalligraphy ?

WSTR Media


WSTR Media is responsible for ‘Galactic Public Access’, a weekly @starwars podcast by @hawkawesome, @aaronhouillon @tizzzzod.

Y tu Bantha también


A Star Wars podcast featuring and highlighting Latinx voices from throughout saga & fandom history, both on screen and off w/ hosts @Maria_Giesela & @ohcatrina.

Did I miss 1? Or 16? Or yours? Email me at amy (at) richau (dot) org or DM me @365_StarWars and I’ll update this article. If you’d like to change the description below or opt out of this list also just let me know.

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  1. Thanks for this awesome list, Amy!! If you’re ever looking to update this list in the future, I have a couple suggestions: Star Wars Geek Girl podcast, run by teenagers Zoe Hinton and Lizzy Perales, and a shameless self-plug for my own podcast, The Elven Padawan:
    From Erebor to Echo Base (though the future of this one is slightly up in the air as of right now…)

    Thanks for all the hard work you do to give us such a great resource as 365 Star Wars!! ?

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