Dantooine Digest #1

Welcome to the first 365 Star Wars Dantooine Digest!

These reports are a collection of fun and interesting Star Wars content I came across in the last week (or month, still working on how often these will publish) that I thought were worth sharing.

I won’t be posting much news here because so many other sites have that covered. These digests will be more a collection of articles, videos, podcasts, art, etc. – anything that happened to grab my attention. Most of the content will be current but I have been known to listen to podcasts that published months ago. I’ll also be including some vintage content from my own Star Wars collection such as this photo of my favorite label mistake.

Off we go into Issue #!

I’m a fan of Ewoks and have been for years. It’s a bit bizarre to me that there isn’t more new Ewok content out there since I know I’m not the only person who craves it – in fact my daughter’s number one Star Wars Celebration goal is to buy some Ewok merchandise. The podcast below from Jennifer Landa has a perfect pitch for a new Ewok animated series. Plus some funny stories about 1980’s TV Standards & Practices worrying way too much about the original Ewok cartoon. (note: the link in this tweet didn’t work for me but it was easy to find this episode on iTunes)

I’m enjoying Star Wars Resistance and I loved the shorts they released during their mid-season hiatus. One of my favorites was “Buggles Day Out” which you can watch right now below.

You can find all of the Resistance shorts here.

I love the look of these posters. I also recommend following @sleemo_ on Twitter for some great Star Wars content.

There has been a lot of new short burst Star Wars content out there including the Galaxy of Adventures shorts. The official site came out with a great guide for this series.

If you missed the first batch of these shorts when they came out I recommend checking them out (it doesn’t take long they are short!). The overall look of the animation is pretty amazing. One of my favorites of the series so far is “Luke vs. Emperor Palpatine – Rise of Evil.”

That’s it for this issue of Dantooine Digest!


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