Day 273 – Erin Kellyman

Erin Kellyman
Erin Kellyman in Solo: A Star Wars Story (left) and Raised by Wolves (right).

Erin Kellyman played Enfys Nest in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Before appearing in Solo Kellyman’s only other acting credits include five episodes of the TV series Raised by Wolves, the pilot episode of The Coopers vs the Rest, and one episode of the TV series Uncle.

Read an interview with Kellyman from here.

Kellyman has since played Éponine Thénardier in the BBC TV Mini-Series Les Misérables and appeared in the TV Mini-Series Don’t Forget the Driver and Life. She’s currently appearing as Karli Morgenthau in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In 2022 she will appear in the Lucasfilm TV series Willow.

Here’s Erin Kellyman being interviewed during Star Wars Celebration Chicago in 2019.

Below is some fanart from Michael Pasquale (@MikePasqualeArt) of Erin as Enfys Nest. You can find more of Michael’s art here. To say that Erin’s portrayal of Enfys Nest was popular with fans is a grand understatement. I’m glad she is getting more and roles in high-profile projects.

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