Day 264 – Margaret Kerrison

Margaret Kerrison is the Managing Story Editor for Galaxy’s Edge at Imagineering. Kerrison has described her job as helping to “tell the stories of Star Wars to make this a believable and real authentic place.”

Learn more about Galaxy’s Edge and Kerrison’s role in bringing it to life in Disneyland and Disney World in the two videos below. The first is from 2018, the second is from the 2019 Star Wars Celebration in Chicago.

Kerrison in the video below: “We took a lot of great care to realize that guests when they walk into our land, they are walking into it for the very first time, but this planet and this place Black Spire Outpost has a very long and rich history. And we wanted to tell all those stories.”

Kerrison also talked about training cast members for their interactive roles for Galaxy’s Edge in this article from the LA Times.

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