Day 200 – Charal

Charal from Ewoks: Battle for Endor (left) and from Star Wars: Ewoks – Shadows of Endor (right).

Charal was a witch (retconned into a Nightsister from Dathomir) in the 1985 TV movie Ewoks: Battle for Endor. She also appeared in the comic Star Wars: Ewoks – Shadows of Endor, the children’s book The Ring, the Witch, and the Crystal: An Ewok Adventure, and MMORPG game Star Wars Galaxies.

Actress Siân Phillips played Charal in Ewoks: The Battle for Endor. Marianne Horine played a younger version of Charal in the same film. You can read all about Charal’s history on her Wookieepedia page (which is also where I found the two images of her which were by far better than anything I could find anywhere else).

There’s also quite a bit of Charal in the Battle for Endor trailer below.

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