Day 78 – Qwi Xux

Qwi Xux

Qwi Xux appeared in several (now Legends) novels including Jedi Search, Dark Apprentice, I, Jedi, and Darksaber. She was manipulated by the Empire to develop superweapons but eventually helped the Rebellion after she discovered the destruction her inventions had created. Qwi and Wedge Antilles developed a close relationship for a time.

Writer Kevin J. Anderson said he was visually inspired by the Star Wars Holiday Special character Mermeia when he created the¬†character Qwi Xux. Here’s a screenshot of Mermeia in case you need a reminder of what she looks like or have managed to avoid the Holiday Special entirely.

Qwi Xux also appears in this article that lists all the characters that have at one point in the Star Wars universe been responsible for creating the Death Star.


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