Day 48 – Maris Brood

Maris Brood

Mariss Brood was a Jedi Padawan that survived Order 66. She appeared in The Force Unleashed video game and novel. In The Force Unleashed storyline Brood was found by Jedi Master Shaak Ti who trained her on the planet Felucia as they were hiding from the Sith.

If you’re thinking “Wait, didn’t Shaak Ti die in Revenge of the Sith?” see her post from Day 47. Brood (who was voiced by Adrienne Wilkinson) ended up turning to the Dark Side although her future was left pretty unclear in the game. Other characters Mariss Brood had interacted with in The Force Unleashed included Starkiller and Bail Organa.

There were both trading cards and action figures made for Mariss Brood.

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