Day 401 – Hendri Underholt

Hendri Underholt was an archivist and aide to Mon Mothma. She was a part of the Rebel Alliance until her death shortly before the Battle of Endor.

Hendri Underholt’s only appearance in a Star Wars product was in the book The Rebel Files by Daniel Wallace. In an interview with Wallace described The Rebel Files as an in-world history covering the time from Star Wars Rebels up until the Battle of Endor (with additional Resistance commentary after that).

Wallace also shared in this interview that writing the private exchanges between Mon Mothma and Hendri Underholt were some of his favorite parts of the book to write.

This image is from the interview mentioned above. There are more images throughout that piece from The Rebel Files.

Because Underholt died before the Battle of Endor she won’t be appearing in The Mandalorian, but I do wonder if she might pop up in the Cassian Andor TV series.

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