Day 209 – Tyria Sarkin

Day 210 - Tyria Sarkin
Tyria Sarkin image by Scott Roller for the “Who’s Who in Rogue Squadron” article in Star Wars Insider 59 (left) and an image of Tyria illustrated by Joe Corroney from “Wraith Squadron” from Star Wars Gamer 9 (right). Images from Tyria’s Wookieepedia page.

Tyria Sarkin was a pilot with Wraith Squadron who later became a Jedi Knight in several Legends books. Tyria debuted in Aaron Allston’s book X-Wing: Wraith Sqaudron. She also appeared in the X -Wing books Iron Fist and Solo Command, two Fate of the Jedi books (Backlash and Conviction), The New Jedi Order: The Unifying Force, and Legacy of the Force: Fury.

Tricia Barr wrote about Tyria Sarkin in this article for

Jaina Solo and Tyria image from The Essential Reader’s Companion.

Check out Tyria’s Wookieepedia page for more details about her character.

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