Day 81 – Sigel Dare

Sigel Dare

Sigel Dare is a character from the Legacy comics series (which are now Legends). She was an Imperial Knight who served Emperor Roan Fel.

If you don’t know who the Imperial Knights were Star Wars Explained has a video for that below! But overall I think it’s fair to think of them as Gray Force Users who did not embrace either the light or dark sides of the Force.

If you don’t know who Emperor Roan Fel is you can learn more about him here. It’s all really confusing if you aren’t familiar with the Legacy comics series which takes place over 130 years after the Battle of Yavin. If you want a breakdown of this comic series head on over to this wiki at Comic Vine.

Here’s a photo of a Sigel Dare action figure that was part of a two-pack with Darth Krayt.

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