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Naboo is one of the many planets in the Star Wars universe ruled by a monarch. The Royal House of Naboo was both a monarchy and a democracy as the king or queen was elected by Naboo citizens. The most well-known monarch of Naboo, Queen Amidala, was introduced in The Phantom Menace. But she is far from the only Naboo monarch to play an important part in a Star Wars story. Some monarchs have been introduced in reference books while others have appeared in films, novels, television series, and comics. Here is a look at Naboo monarchs found in Star Wars stories from various time periods from before the Battle of Theed to the days immediately after Return of the Jedi.

Note: the information about King Jafan and Queen Yram (as well as some of the information about King Veruna) comes from a book that was published in 2005 (pre-Disney and the new canon) but updated in 2016 (so after the 2014 canon reboot). I don’t own either version of this book but it appeared from Wookieepedia entries that Jafan and Yram were still in the 2016 version. But I wouldn’t bet a lot of money these characters or some of the details about them are still considered canon by Lucasfilm. I believe some of the information from these books will be changed in updated editions because of content in new canon stories (like Queen’s Shadow). But since this issue isn’t entirely clear I thought it was worth including them in this article.

King Jafan & Queen Yram (dates and canon status unconfirmed)

King Jafan played a large part in bringing peace to Naboo according to the book Star Wars: Complete Locations. Queen Yram followed Jafan according to that same book. Not much else is known about either of them although an obelisk called Queen Yram’s Needle was built to honor Yram in the city of Theed.

King Veruna & Queen Réillata [first term] (dates and Veruna’s canon status unconfirmed)

King Veruna served as Naboo’s king for the thirteen years before Pamdé Amidala according to Star Wars: Complete Locations. But I don’t think this information is still considered canon because of information in the new E.K. Johnston novel Queen’s Shadow. In Queen’s Shadow Queen Réillata is elected to her second term as the queen of Naboo. There is a reference to Réillata’s first term happening when “they [meaning Padmé and Réillata] were girls” which would mean her first term was most likely right before Amidala’s. I say this since Padmé was only 14 when she was first elected queen. The math just doesn’t work if Veruna was king for the 13 years before Padmé.

Of note: The most recent Star Wars Character Encyclopedia released in 2016 (also updated from a pre-Disney version) mentioned King Veruna in the entry for Sio Bibble. This information – that Bibble was elected governor of Naboo during Veruna’s reign – also might not stand the test of time.

It will be interesting to see if Veruna makes an appearance in future Star Wars reference books or stories. He could easily be moved just prior to Réillata’s first term.

Queen’s Shadow also reveals that Queen Réillata did not run for re-election after her first term. She instead pursued a career singing opera.

Queen Amidala in The Phantom Menace

Queen Amidala (32 BBY – 28 BBY)

Queen Amidala was born Padmé Naberrie. Padmé was elected queen of Naboo when she was 14 years old (not an unusual age for Naboo queens) and took the name Amidala. Amidala’s time as queen is the first time in the Star Wars timeline where we have some solid dates. Her service began in the year 32 BBY (meaning 32 years before the Battle of Yavin). She remained queen for two consecutive two-year terms. Her people encouraged Amidala to change the Naboo constitution to allow her to run for a third term but she chose to not pursue that idea.

Queen Réillata [second term] (28 BBY – 26 BBY)

Queen Réillata’s second term started in the year 28 BBY. From Queen’s Shadow: “Running now as an older candidate than tradition dictated, Réillata has campaigned on the experience and stability her years afforded her.”

Shortly after her election, Queen Réillata asks Padmé Amidala if she would accept the position of Naboo senator – which Padmé of course does. Note: If you thought Queen Jamillia was the one to ask Padmé about this, you had good reason to think so (see Jamillia’s entry below).

Assuming changes were not made to Naboo term limits during Réillata’s second time as queen I think it’s safe to say her term would have then ended at 26 BBY.

Queen Jamillia in Attack of the Clones

Queen Jamillia (26 BBY – 22 BBY)

Jamillia campaigned for queen in 28 BBY but lost to Queen Réillata (this was also mentioned in Queen’s Shadow). If Jamilla ran again after Réillata completed her second term that would put the start of Jamilla’s service at 26 BBY.

Senator Padmé Amidala visited Queen Jamillia shortly before the beginning of the Clone Wars in the film Attack of the Clones. Attack of the Clones took place in 22 BBY so it appears Jamillia served as Naboo’s queen for two consecutive terms and that this meeting took place near the end of her time as queen.

Note: Ultimate Star Wars mentions that Jamillia was the queen who encouraged Padmé to become a senator. That book is being updated later this year and if Jamillia still appears in that edition I’m assuming her entry will change significantly. In Attack of the Clones Padmé mentions to Anakin that she’s happy she accepted the queen’s suggestion to serve as Naboo’s senator but she doesn’t explicitly say that queen was Jamillia. The subtle vagueness in that line of dialogue allowed room for Queen Réillata in the Star Wars timeline.

Queen Neeyutnee in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Queen Neeyutnee (22 BBY – 20 BBY)

Queen Neeyutnee was elected queen of Naboo directly after Queen Jamillia. Assuming Jamillia served as Naboo’s queen for four years that would put Queen Neeyutnee’s election date at 22 BBY, right around the start of the Clone Wars.

Queen Neeyutnee debuted in The Clone Wars episode “Blue Shadow Virus” which took place in 21 BBY. She appeared or was mentioned in a few other episodes of The Clone Wars.

Queen Apailana in Revenge of the Sith

Queen Apailana (20 BBY – unknown date)

Queen Apailana became Naboo’s monarch when she was just 12 years old in 20 BBY according to the 2011 edition of the Star Wars Character Encyclopedia (so this is pre-Disney/canon information but I don’t see why Lucasfilm would change these details). She ruled Naboo during the end of the Clone Wars and was seen in Padmé Amidala’s funeral procession at the end of Revenge of the Sith. Padmé died in 19 BBY so it looks like Apailana was queen for at least a year.

Legends detour – Queen Kylantha/Mairayni

The 2011 edition of the Star Wars Character Encyclopedia mentions that after Apailana’s death “the Emperor installs a puppet monarch – Queen Kylantha.” If you played the now Legends game Star Wars Galaxies that debuted in 2003 and was updated through 2011 that name might sound familiar. In Galaxies, Kylantha became queen of Naboo after Apailana was assassinated for trying to hide Jedi that survived Order 66.

Kylantha served as queen for many years and was followed by Queen Mairayni. Mairayni’s only appearance in a Star Wars story was in the book The Essential Guide to Warfare which came out in 2012 (again, in Legends territory).

I mention both Kylantha and Mairayni because there’s plenty of room in the Star Wars timeline for them to re-appear in new canon stories.

Of note: The most recent edition of the Star Wars Character Encyclopedia (which published in 2016 – so canon territory) did not have an entry for Queen Jamillia, Neeyutnee, or Apailana – all three were only mentioned in pages for Sio Bibble of Captain Panaka. Jamillia doesn’t appear in the Attack of the Clones Visual Dictionary and Apailana is only briefly mentioned in the visual dictionary for Revenge of the Sith. So in many cases information about these queens is unknown or out of date. To put a more positive spin on this – there’s a lot of room for new books, novels, comics, etc. to expand the stories of these women.

Post Apailana Monarchs

Following Queen Apailana there’s a big time gap where nothing is known about the monarchs of Naboo. It’s unclear if Apailana served more than one term or what happened to her after the events of Revenge of the Sith. After the rise of Emperor Palpatine the role of Naboo monarchs lost much of its power to the Imperial installed governor. Quarsh Panaka, who previously served Queen Amidala as her security forces captain, was the first Imperial Governor (or Moff) of Naboo.

Queen Dalné (exact dates unknown, but she was Queen in 3 BBY)

Queen Dalné was one of Naboo’s monarchs during the time Panaka served as Naboo’s Governor. She debuted in the novel Leia, Princess of Alderaan and was about the same age as Leia. Queen Dalné and Leia worked together on a relief mission in the year 3 BBY. It’s unclear when Dalné was elected or how long she served as Naboo’s queen.

The next Queen of Naboo that appears in a Star Wars story takes place ABY – meaning the years after the Battle of Yavin.

Queen Sosha Soruna in Shattered Empire

Queen Sosha Soruna (exact dates unknown, but she was Queen in 4 ABY)

Queen Soruna was Naboo’s monarch during the end of the Empire’s reign over the galaxy. She appeared in the comic series Shattered Empire which took place less than a month after the Battle of Endor.

Queen Soruna’s story also involved a mission with Leia Organa, this time to save Naboo from the destruction of Operation: Cinder.

Beyond Queen Soruna’s appearance in Shattered Empire we haven’t seen any other stories with monarchs of Naboo in the Star Wars timeline. But I’m guessing (and hoping) I’ll have reason to update this article in the future.

Sources: Wookieepedia, Star Wars: Complete Locations, Ultimate Star Wars, Star Wars Character Encyclopedia.

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